Toughened epoxy adhesive

SAS 520 Tough Epoxy

Typical Applications

  • Structural bonding for the automotive, marine and transportation industries
  • Repair of vehicles
  • Bonding of metal structures
  • Assembly of electronic components

Data Sheets

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SAS 520 is a two-part room temperature cure toughened adhesive offering exceptionally high peel, shear and impact strength, high temperature resistance and tolerance to oil contaminated surfaces. SAS 520 is ideal for structural engineering, electronics, maintenance and repair.

SAS 520 comprises a two-part kit, containing SAS 520 Part A and SAS 520 Part B pre-weighed to the correct mix ratio for maximum performance.

Additional information

Pack Size

1kg Kit


2 x Plastic Tubs



Safety Information

Alpha SAS520 is classified as hazardous according to Directive EC 1272/2008. Please refer to the Alpha SAS520 Safety Data Sheets for further health & safety information.


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