Typical Applications

  • Inflatable liferafts and boats
  • General rubber products
  • Numerous industrial applications

Data Sheets

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Alpha S 5001 is a two part polychloroprene adhesive. Alpha S5001 A & B have been formulated to meet all the requirements of BASE 5001 specifications.

Alpha S 5001 is a two part system developed to guarantee a superior adhesion to a variety of natural and synthetic rubber surfaces. The cured adhesive has good resistance to attack from atmospheric oxidation, salt water, oil mild acids and alkalis etc., can be used in service over a wider temperature and humidity range. It is formulated to be easily removed from skin.

Additional information

Pack Size

A: 240ml / B: 10ml, A: 935ml / B: 37ml, A: 4.275 L / B: 170 ml, A: 21.45 L / B: 4 x 170 ml


Tin / Bottle, Tin / Bottle, Tin / Bottle, Drum / Bottles


12, 12, N/A, N/A

Safety Information

Alpha S5001 Part A and Alpha S5001 Part B are classified as hazardous according to Directive EC 1272/2008. Please refer to the Alpha S5001 Part A and Alpha S5001 Part B Safety Data Sheets for further health & safety information.


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