A1020 Hi-Grab Brush Adhesive

Typical Applications

  • Textiles
  • Paper, cardboard and other packaging materials
  • Fibrous materials (e.g. carpets, hessian)

Data Sheets

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Alpha A1020 has been formulated as a multi-purpose adhesive for use where quick sealing properties are of advantage. It can be used to bond textiles, papers, packaging materials, etc., to themselves or to one another.

A1020 represents the ultimate in quick grab latex adhesives, and is ideal for bonding all fibrous materials to a wide variety of porous substrates. including carpet binding. A1020 is used for a number of operations in the carpet and general textile industries. It can also be used for carton sealing and for miscellaneous fabrications in the packaging trade.

Additional information

Pack Size

5L, 25L, 205L


Plastic Jerrycan, Polykeg, Drum



Safety Information

Alpha A1020 is not classified as hazardous according to Directive EC 1272/2008. Please refer to the Alpha A1020 Safety Data Sheet for further health & safety information.

More Information

Alpha A1020 will keep satisfactorily for up to 12 months from date of manufacture if stored according to the recommended conditions.


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